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Software Monetization

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User base expansion

We will promote your products to attract the right audience. We’ll assist you in developing a strategic plan for maximizing user engagement and loyalty.

Smart Search

Add a customized search box to any of your finished products to boost them. While your users continue to do routine online searches, you will be able to boost your income as a result.

Establish a consistent source of income for your products.

Totomondo is the best way to keep track of how much revenue you generate from all your products. We’re a shoulder to lean on and can help you generate more profit and find a user-friendly solution. Our solutions are fully secure for brands and improve user experience and loyalty.

Add a search box and watch your site’s traffic soar.

Adding a branded search bar might help you increase your revenue. Essentially, all we do is provide our partners with a basic code line that they can utilize on any of the products.

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