Downloads monetization transformed

Benefit monetarily with every download.

How it works

Product download

With our globally dispersed, lightning-fast servers and ultra-compact installation, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Additional offers

During the installation process, we may suggest adding on other, supplementary products, but it is ultimately up to the user to decide whether or not to accept these additions.

Installer start

An installer that is compact and runs seamlessly. The user will see an installer that has been deliberately tailored and branded for your product.

You get paid

After the user successfully installs your product, you will get paid based on the user’s Operating system and location.

Global monetization

Take your business internationally. You can now confidently sell your product on a global scale, knowing that you will get paid for each successful installation, no matter the source. The installation costs in over 200 countries are covered by premium advertising.

Completely customized options for any kind of traffic

We may be able to integrate our downloader, installer, or landing pages, but this depends primarily on the content of your website. It is irrelevant to us what sort of traffic you want to monetize since we can help in every possible way. One of the most effective methods is designed specifically for the following:

  • Software portals
  • Music websites
  • Streaming websites
  • Any downloadable material

A brainer for both Windows and Mac

The best part is that our installer and downloader, which share the same well-developed core, are accessible on both Windows and macOS.

Simple Brand Risk Control

You may disable or enable certain features, control access, and establish restrictions and other safety all from the dashboard.

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