Totomondo Search Monetization

Using our search monetization strategies, you can turn your regular searches into rates and your visibility into money by taking advantage of the best RPMs in the business. We provides you with direct access to the top search engine feeds.

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Generating income out of web searches

You have the option to integrate Search Query without redirection or with redirection. When you employ redirection integration, the users will be sent to Yahoo or Bing. In the absence of redirection integration, the users will stay within your own search box.

Using Totomondo, profits constantly grow!

When you use our Search Monetization strategy to collect queries, which are searches done by users; you make a lot more money than in any other RPM-based campaign in the world. It is up to you!

Monetize any product

We are able to help you increase your revenue from any development products.

  1. Browser extensions
  2. Mobile apps
  3. Custom Browsers
  4. Websites

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